Energizing Excellence, Empowering Progress: Lighting the Path for Your Business Success!

Kinetic Electric Inc. is driven by its vision to a variety of exceptional services in a reliable manner to keep your business on the move! Have a look at some of the amazing services we provide to our ever-growing family of highly satisfied and loyal clients!
Commercial Consulting

Commercial Consulting

Our experts, empowered with their decades of experience, consult with you to understand your processes. Then, we devise the most cost-effective energy efficient way to help you cut down costs in a streamlined, professional manner.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

At Kinetic Electric, we go beyond the ordinary, offering a comprehensive range of exceptional commercial repair and consulting services that are meticulously designed to expertly manage and optimize your energy needs. Our expertise illuminates the path to your energy efficiency and business excellence.

Commercial Repairs

Commercial Repairs

Wastage of energy and resources due to faulty lines and equipment take a heavy toll on your commercial enterprise. Cut down your cost with our professional commercial repairs. From emergency repairs to contingency pre-emptive maintenance repairs, Kinetic Electric Inc. covers everything for you in trustworthy and reliable way!

Commercial Lighting Services

Commercial Lighting Services

Lights can guide your commercial organization to success. At Kinetic Electric, we are committed to using the best of our resources to illuminate your work environments effectively and efficiently. Our reliable and quality services ensure that the lights stay on round the year without fail.

Industrial Lighting Services

Industrial Lighting Services

For any industry, it is vital to have an elaborate lighting system in place to keep the journey towards success going without delay. With Kinetic Electric’s exceptional lighting services, your industrial unit or office will be well-lit effectively. Due to our unfailing services, Kinetic Electric Inc. has earned a reputation for itself as trustworthy energy service for industrial clients.

Parking Lot Lighting Services

A well-lit parking lot emanates security and comfort and with Kinetic Electric’s Parking lot services, you can light up your parking lots in an energy effective yet comprehensive manner. Our light pole connections are reliable and trustworthy enough to keep the lights on around the year without any failure.

Infrastructure Construction Services

Are you looking for construction and cable placement services? Kinetic Electric Inc. is here to help! Empowered with a motivated team of highly dedicated individuals with certifications, we offer the most extraordinary cable placement and cable pulling services in Southern California. Our professional expertise has made us one of the finest and most trusted tenant improvement service provider. Not just that – specializing in 480 Volt services, our certified electricians can install and repair switch gears, panel boards and a lot more!

Our Infrastructure Construction Services include:

  • Manhole/Precast Structures
  • Cable Placement
  • Cable Pulling
  • Switch Gear
  • Panel Boards
  • Service Upgrade
  • Transformers
  • Lighting Retrofits

Repair & Replacement Services

From meter repairs to break replacements – we provide comprehensive repair and replacement services for your infrastructural and electrical equipment.

Our Repair and Replacement services include:

  • Meter Repairs
  • Breaker Replacement
  • Panel Upgrades & Replacement
  • Timers